Expovida 2020 it is a multidisciplinary and innovative concept which aims to optimize and deliver new projects and services that combine tourism, health, wellness and last generation healthcare services

The Health Tourism market in the EU28 is stable, with continuous growth indicators. This will help reduce the seasonal nature of tourism and will have positive effects on the job market and the local context.

By definition, the three main Health Tourism areas are:

Medical Tourism: this kind of trip implies the specific aim of receiving medical treatments.

Wellness Tourism: this type of tourism means travelling from different locations to carry out activities that maintain or improve personal health and well-being in a proactive manner. Tourists want to live authentic and unique experiences at the places where these therapies are conducted.

SPA Tourism: this kind of travel is aimed at healing by relaxing and caring for the person ́s body, using the benefits of water in a preventive way and/or as a medical healing therapy


In order to successfully meet the growing global demand for specialised tourist locations and destinations, Expovida 2020 proposes several possibilities which accommodate all of the industry ́s professionals. The main features are:

– Generational Health Resorts

– Residential Compounds with different levels of adaptation and services.

– Adapted apartments that include home automation with 24/365 assistance.

– Long-stay Residential Compounds. Highly specialised.

– Thematic Complexes developed in collaboration with public (universities, professional associations, NGOs, associations…) and private institutions (insurance companies, professional accident businesses, pharmaceutical companies, biotechnological companies, internet of things companies, hospital management companies…) in order to implement the personalised care services and products.

– Complementary and specialised holiday services for clients with need for assistance, rehabilitation services, alternative therapies, diet consultations and nutritional counselling, adapted areas, specialised shops, franchises, culinary nooks…



The Expovida 2020 enclosure is divided into the following areas:


designed to become a showcase where the European Community can present its most innovative projects to the world. This area will enable meetings between the represented comanies and/or institutional / private investors

In this area it will be possible to appreciate the quick technological progress made and applied to health overall but, in particular, to preventive health, especially those aimed at improving quality of life, revitalising and regenerating therapies


Helth’s new habitat, fully equipped for guests to enjoy comprehensive care and our new “well-being holiday” concept.

It will be characterized by adopted units inside generational health compounds, with a functional, ergonomic and futuristic design, and medical assistance 24H/365 days, applying the latest preventive medicine innovations


A huge replica of a human body, designed to show its internal functioning. This area will house presentations of therapeutic innovations, the latest medical devices and patents which can improve our lives and our well-being


Designed to display European products as well as products with protected designation of origin: organic and healthy food, and its complementary industries. Meeting point between producers and clients


The enclosure includes areas which provide a vision of different possibilities that the Canary Islands’ climate and terrain offer: fountains, pounds, gardens, parks, solar power farms, treatment plants, etc. They all foster sustainability, together with care and respect for the environment


These are the premises designed to host Conferences, seminars and Exhibitions, both regarding the latest Developments and the Health Tourism Projects in the Canary Islands


Why the Canary islands?

Because they are an unexplored paradise with a privileged climate. For the diversity of their natural landscapes, for their varied cusine and for their welcoming people. A spectacular environment where the new tourism and health concept can be developed