The Nuestra Senora de Africa Market, commonly known as La Recova, is a wonderful market located in the capital Santa Cruz.


Built in neo-colonial style in 1943, when, following the growth of the city of Santa Cruz, the small existing markets were no longer able to supply the entire population.

Following the opening of the new market, it became the reference point for the whole island, experiencing a great period of vigor and excitement.


In 1974, the birth of the wholesaler Mercatenerife drastically reduced the commercial activities of the market. Subsequently, the birth of large supermarkets and the growth of bad eating habits related to the consumption of “junk food” contributed to the decline of the market which saw the abandonment of more than 30% of the shops.


As a result of the crisis, the merchants who decided to stay inside the structure joined a cooperative and proposed to the town hall that they would take care of the management of La Recova directly. It was a non-profit group whose intent was only to develop customer services and spread knowledge of the market.

Thanks to this change, the market has gained great popularity over the years, making it a great center of interest for the city of Santa Cruz and for the whole island of Tenerife.



The atmosphere is beautiful and you are completely captured by the colors and scents of the numerous stalls. Fruits and vegetables of all kinds, wide selection of the famous Canary Island potatoes, not to mention the cheeses and the local fish.

An experience not to be missed!