The Tejinaste Rojo or Viperina of Tenerife (Echium Wildpretii) is a plant belonging to the Borraginaceae family, endemic of the Canaries.

It is a plant with a woody stem that exceeds 2 meters. of height. It is characterized by lancelated leaves covered with a dense gray-silver hair, while the showy apical pyramidal ear is formed by small purple red flowers.

Of biennial flowering, the Tajinaste Rojo is suitable for the rocky, and at the same time rich in minerals soil of Teide and is able to withstand even the cold temperatures that envelop the tops of the volcano in winter.

Its flowering, scheduled between April and May gives a unique experience for botanical lovers and not only: a plant of more than 2 meters covered with fragrant flowers. Perfume that attracts numerous bees, useful not only for pollination, but also for the production of an excellent honey: the famous “MIEL DE TENERIFE”, protected by the Denomination of Protected Origin (DOP). The one made from Tejinate Rojo has a very light color, yellow-amber color, it is sweet and delicate and is often used in the kitchen.


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