Rapadura is one of the most amazing places to dive.

It is located at 120 mt. of depth to peak of the cliff of La Quinta, on the coast of Acentejo, to north of the island.

La Rapadura


It looks like the work of an artist, to many it reminds of a cathedral, to others the pipes of an organ. In reality it is a natural conformation whose origins date back to almost a million years ago. It is a phenomenon that consists of a lava flow with columnar discongiungiment and can originate when a basalt lava flow penetrates into a mass of water that it is a lake, a river or in this case an ocean. When water is introduced into the casting, the latter solidifies. As a result of the process, the lava contracts, which generates fractures that mark a regular prism-shaped line, usually hexagonal. Compared to some points that seem to have suffered the phenomenon of erosion, it is clear that over the centuries the shape emerged from the ocean and then come back submerged as we find it today.


La Rapadura


Diving is definitely challenging, but for its charm and uniqueness, it is something that diving enthusiasts should not miss